International Museum Day

Well, apparently it's International Museum Day (thanks to Mayra for the information). The Attic will be celebrating with a museum crawl around Leicester (like a pub crawl, but with museums instead of beer) tomorrow, culminating in the 'Night At the Museum' event at Belgrave Hall. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of pics. ;)

'Though not strictly in celebration of Museums and Galleries Month 2007, next week is Research Week here at the Department of Museum Studies, where we all get together (well, most of us at least), present papers, have lots of discussions and eat masses of food in each others' company. We have lots of bloggers (including some new contributors) lined up to record each session as it happens. Hope you'll join us, if not in person, then virtually via the blog.

Happy Museum Day! (from someone who is absolutely SICK of museums at this precise moment ;))


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