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Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging #4

Well, who'd have thought there was so much museum/gallery space out there devoted to moggies!

This week's catblogging focuses on The Cat Museum in Kuching, Malaysia. Unfortunately the museum doesn't appear to have it's own website, but there's plenty of information online for anyone wanting to find out more. For example:

- Did you know the museum, which opened in 1988, was the first museum in the world (apparently) devoted to our feline friends?

- The exhibition and collection were originally part of Sarawak Museum, but were - a year later - moved to Kuching town hall when the town was officially proclaimed as 'Cat City'.

- Kuching ('cat' in Malay) is so named because when asked by a colonial administrator asked 'what's that [town] called?', a local thought he was pointing to a nearby cat*.

While displays focus on the natural history of Sarawak's own native cat species, there's plenty more from around the world for cat fans.

Here's a pic of the museum entrance, and just one of the many cat sculptures which characterise Kuching (I like the sound of this place!).

That's all for Friday Catblogging this week.

*This reminds me of that, probably apocryphal, story about how kangaroos got their name.


The museum does have its own website. Hurrah!

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