Watercolors of Second Life

3pointD writes of a book of watercolours of SL now for sale. If this was purhased by a museum, accessioned, and perhaps digital derivatives of it put online, maybe even stuck on someone's wall in SL (or There, or anywhere), the head starts to spin. Unless, that is, we give up ideas of real and virtual as a pain in the butt and just MOVE ON!
Just kidding. Still, it's another little mind-twister to chuck into the mix. Real, authentic, virtual, inauthentic, valuable, worthless, durable, ephemeral and so on.
Whether her paintings are any good is something else entirely, but who am I to talk? Luca did a better lighthouse than me last time we had a draw-off. He probably wasn't yet 4 then. And my pirates and dragons suck next to his, too.


Jeremy said…
Perhaps I should also add that I posted this to The Attic accidentally! This was meant to go to my own blog but when I hit the BlogThis button on my toolbar I forgot to specify the right target blog. Doh! So, in case you hadn't guessed, Luca is my middle kiddy. And he does a mighty fine pirate!
Amy said…
No probs Jeremy. I've very nearly done the same thing several times. :) I had a quick look at the watercolours - they did little for this art historian!

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