Friday Cat Blogging #5

Go on, admit it. You thought I would have run out of cat museums by now, didn't you?! Fear not, cos there are still a few to go. This week the spotlight falls on probably the best-named cat museum, the KattenKabinet in Amsterdam.

The Cat Cabinet is the only museum in the world to feature a collection of objects d'art wholly centered around the theme of the cat. The collection is intended as a comprehensive portrayal of the cat in art and culture throughout the centuries.(From the KattenKabinet website)

You know, I'm getting a sense of deja'vu here. All cat museums seem to claim that they were the first and the best, with the largest collection of cat-related artefacts. But this museum, with its impressive website, looks more the part than, perhaps, its counterparts in Moscow and Kuching. (A triumph of style over substance perhaps? I'm a sucker for a fancy website!)

John Pierpont Morgan

The website features a gallery of works in the collection, and a history of the building in which the museum is housed. All very sensible. And then you get to the page about the museum founder's own pussy-cat and inspiration for the KattenKabinet, John Pierpont Morgan (that's the cat's name, btw). Proof that the closer apparently intelligent people get to a cat, the dafter they appear to be! (See here for a diagram.)

Sadly, it doesn't look like the museum website has been updated since 2005. Perhaps any Amsterdam-based 'Attikers' out there could confirm that it's still open?


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