Discover2! Conference, Colchester Museums 20-21 June 2007

Colchester Museums is set to host the second of their Dis:cover2! conference series looking at the representation of disability. The conference, called Discover! 2 Disability de-formed, re-formed and re-presented will be held from 20 - 21st June 2007 at the West Wing, Ickworth House, near Bury St Edmunds.

Keynote speaker day 1
Anne McGuire MP – Minister for Disabled People

With government initiatives such as the Disability Equality Duty and Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People, and the images of disability website, Anne McGuire MP will set the agenda for the important work that is being done to promote equality for disabled people.

Keynote speaker Day 2
Tom Shakespeare

Tom was trained in sociology (First Class BA Hons, PhD) University of Cambridge. He has worked at the Universities of Sunderland, Leeds and Newcastle. Academic books include: The Sexual Politics of Disability (1996); Exploring Disability (1999); Genetic Politics: from Eugenics to Genome (2002); Disability Rights and Wrongs (2006). His involvement in the UK disability movement dates from 1986, and he was co-founded Disability Action North East and the Northern Disability Arts Forum.

The main focus for the conference is the portrayal and representation of disabled people. With a range of speakers and workshops the conference will look at historical references to disability, challenge stereotypes by reassessing those references past and present, and encourage greater representation of disabled people.

We aim with this conference to give people the knowledge and skills to be able to put this equality of representation in to practice in their own organisations and to be inclusive in their ways of working.

The delegate cost is as follows:

2-day £140 per delegate
1 day only - £80 per delegate

To receive more details in the coming weeks and register for a booking form, please e-mail

Marie Taylor
Marketing Officer
Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service


Amy said…
You know what? It still pains me to see 'Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service'. Ipswich should come first, dammit! ;)

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