CFP: Minority reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives

From H-Material Culture:

International Conference on the History of Records and Archives

CALL FOR PAPERS FOR ICHORA4, Perth, Western Australia 3-5 August 2008

Minority reports: Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives

The general theme of this conference explores issues relating to the
history of recordkeeping by and about Indigenous peoples, migrant
communities, minority communities, forgotten and disappeared
communities. This includes historical and contemporary responses by
these groups to recordkeeping by dominant communities. This conference
also welcomes discussion on the impact and histories of the destruction
of archives relating to the above communities and peoples, and the role
of records in human rights contexts, including slavery and

We invite submissions of proposals for papers that report on original
research into topics and themes that have not been widely discussed in
the archival literature. Papers may treat any time period, any format
and any national jurisdiction. Topics might include, but are not limited
to the following areas:
* Cultural provenance / virtual repatriation
* Collecting against the grain
* Representation and self representation
* Approaches to keeping cultural memory
* Expanding definitions of archives beyond traditional formats
(for example Rock art)
* Reading traditional records to tell new stories
* Historical and contemporary approaches to outreach and access
* Absences and silences in archives and cultural institutions

We encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives on
issues relating to the scope of the conference.

Proposals may be for individual papers or for whole sessions which may
consist of 2-3 papers and a panel discussion.

Papers by people from Indigenous, migrant, minority and forgotten
communities are particularly welcome.

Proposals for papers
Abstracts should be approximately 300 words and in word or RTF format.

All papers will be refereed.

Proposals should be sent to by 14 July 2007. We will
advise on acceptance by the end of October 2007

The language of the conference is English.

ICHORA4 Conference Programme Committee
Joanna Sassoon (SROWA)
Karen Anderson (ECU)
Toby Burrows (UWA)
Carly Lane (UWA)
Michael Piggott (UMelb)
Kirsten Thorpe (SRNSW)
Adrian Cunningham (NAA)

This conference is timed to be directly after the International Council
of Archives Congress in Kuala Lumpur, and just prior to the Australian
Society of Archivists Conference, Perth, Western Australia 7-9 August
2008. A call for papers for the Australian Society of Archivists
Conference will be made in a few months. For further information in the
meantime please contact Dr Karen Anderson


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