Tough justice for ASBOS at museum

An interesting take on the social value of museums here, from York Dungeon Museum. For anyone not familiar with the British justice system, you can find out what an ASBO is here.


Ceri said…
This is pretty disturbing stuff... what impact do they think they will have? I guess they want to shock people into behaving but any ASBO holder could quite rightly say 'well that was in the past, we don't do that now' and so the impact could be quite neutral. I went to the York Dungeon and to be honest I was not that impressed all that I remember is lots of rubbish looking models in various grisly settings. Funnily enough it did not say how many people actually died in these grisly manners... for instance people who were found guilty of seeking to poison Henry VIII were sentenced to boil to death. However even the display had to concede that no one was actually convicted or sentenced to die in this manner!

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