CFP: Journal of International and Intercultural Communication

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Call for Papers

Journal of International and Intercultural Communication
New Journal for 2008! A publication of the National Communication Association

Journal of International and Intercultural Communication( ) will publish scholarship for an international readership on international and intercultural communication from a range of theoretical, conceptual and methodological perspectives.

The journal features leading edge inquiry that cuts across academic boundaries
to focus on international, intercultural, as well as indigenous communication issues. It invites manuscripts that not only address pressing issues in multiple regions, multilingual communities, social, political, and cultural practices from the standpoint of communication, but it also invites manuscripts that push the boundaries of contemporary work in international and intercultural communication. A nation-state should not necessarily be synonymous with a single culture as nation-states might be more productively viewed as comprising multiple cultures, nor should a culture be thought of as bounded by national boundaries, as cultures may cross the boundaries of multiple nation-states. International and intercultural communication, from interpersonal interaction to mass media, should be considered in the context of contemporary tensions, including globalization, post colonialism, cultural imperialism, and more. Theoretical, historical, experiential, experimental, as well as critical, discursive and textual analyses are welcome.

Initial questions relating to the submission process may be addressed to:

Tom Nakayama
Arizona State University


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