Here's something spooky for Ceri

- which is (loosely) about museums.

Who ya gonna call? A television crew, of course. But will the ghost show up? Review The Observer

I miss 'Most Haunted' (I don't have digital TV here). I'll be catching up when I'm at home over Easter. :)

Anybody got any tales of museum-related supernatural goings on?!


Ceri said…
I have watched Most Haunted and I find it mostly hilarious because the presenters get so worked up that any tiny noise sets them thinking they have heard a ghost. When it was probably wood expanding in the heat or something. The medium is also too funny to be taken seriously - unless you believe that people can be possessed which I am a little cynical about to be honest.

I would like to believe in ghosts however... why should there not be memories imprinted into time? Especially if it was an event which provoked strong emotions...
Amy said…
Oh yeah, 'Most Haunted' is completely silly - but that's why it's so entertaining. ;)

There's definitely something about some buildings. There are some museums, for example, which are dead creepy. I'm sure it really has to do with psychological (visual or auditory, for that matter) 'prompts', but people have been experiencing unexplained apparently supernatural events for ever - though I suspect it was the legacy of the Victorians (yeah, them again!) - which has contributed most of our ideas about ghosts and ghouls and paranormal happenings.

As far as ghostly experiences at museums go, I had an 'out of the ordinary' experience at the Elizabethan mansion at which I used to volunteer. It involved a completely deserted great hall, a Christmas-themed Reindeer that danced and sang 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer' and a motion sensor. I suspect I don't have to elaborate any further...

Was very eerie. :S
Ceri said…
It does not only have to be old buildings either. When I worked at Magna Science Adventure Centre that was based in a steelworks built in the 1920s - fairly modern. But there were lots of stories about ghosts possibly because there were a number of horrible ways to die in a steelworks. Several I remember are:

- office staff claimed to hear whistling and voices coming from empty offices

- one of the enablers heard interactive exhibits working by themselves although there was no-one near them at the time

- there was a 'cold spot' supposedly where a steelworker had hanged himself (although the whole building was freezing cold so how you distinguished 'cold' is a moot point)

- the works were built on a Roman villa (some remains are at Rotherham Clifton Park Museum) and the ghost of a Roman soldier was supposed to walk around

I never saw or heard anything but the building gave me the creeps because it was made purposefully dark to give a sense of atmosphere. One night we also went exploring the engine rooms and tunnels underneath the floor and although it was fun it was horrible when someone turned all the torches off and it was pitch black!
Amy said…

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