How Hollywood misrepresents history

Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to blog for a while, but Ive been completely distracted from my work by stuff and can't possibly concentrate on anything too serious, so - continuing the theme of recent discussions - here's a couple of links to some recent news reports, which demonstrate quite clearly the problems that arise when Hollywood attempts to take artistic licence with historical events.

Academic takes on Mel Gibson (Good for her ;))

Culture Clash


Ceri said…
The fact that he had to swear to defend himself suggests to me that Mr Gibson knows he has taken liberties but cannot find the means to defend his position adequately. Why not admit that in pursuit of a story he had made fabrications? We know that most films purporting to be historical events take huge liberties... although in my opinion history is already filled with enough strange and fantastical stories to not need any tweaking. Anyway I went to see '300' last night and my thoughts were very similar so I will put them into a review.

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