Museums and how they can help your love life

Right, I'm going to start hanging out at blockbuster exhibitions! ;)

BBC NEWS Magazine We met at the Tutankhamun exhibition


Ceri said…
Yes and you need to remember to take some chocolate to give to all the handsome young men you meet ;)

It is telling that they met in the queue though rather than in the actual building. I have been to several exhibition / gallery alone and find the opportunity to talk to people very limiting - most people 'want to be alone' I guess
Amy said…
Yeah, I can't really envisage museums and galleries taking off as dating 'sites'. And I feel very self-conscious on my own in museums. Plus, the fact that my iPod is practically surgical grafted to my head, would limit opportunitites for interaction with other visitors. ;)
Ceri said…
There is a scheme I think in manchester where they have evening visits to cultural activities for single people to get together with other single people so it cannot be impossible.
Amy said…
I dunno - in theory it's a sound idea, but I personally feel singles' events are just a little too forced, a little too self-conscious and encourage a superficiality of approach to finding a partner which turns me RIGHT off!

Destined to become spinster of this parish, I am. ;)
Ceri said…
I think the problem is that Hollywood has not used the art gallery or museum as a crucial crux to romantic development unlike say other public spaces... maybe this prejudices the place in people's minds as somewhere serious rather than a place to pick up boys or girls. Museums are places of murder and dinosaurs coming alive at night, not for prosaic and mundane activities such as falling in love or going on a date it seems.

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