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Monday, March 12, 2007

New book adressing the construction and interpretation of visual artefacts

Contributions are welcomed for a new book addressing the construction and interpretation of virtual artefacts within virtual world museums and within physical museum spaces. Particular emphasis is placed on theories of spatiality and strategies of interpretation.
See below for deadlines and more information

Deadline: Friday April 27, 2007.
The editors seek papers that intervene in critical discourses surrounding virtual reality and virtual artefacts, to explore the rapidly changing temporal, spatial and theoretical boundaries of contemporary museum display practice. We are especially interested in spatiality as it is employed in the construction of virtual artefacts, as well as the roles these spaces enact as signifiers of historical narrative and sites of social interaction. We are also interested in the relationship between real-world museums and virtual world museums, with a view to interrogating the construction of meaning within, across and between both.
We welcome original scholarly contributions on the topic of new cultural practices and communities related to virtual reality in the context of museum display practice. Papers might address, but are in no way limited to, the following:
· Authenticity and artificiality · Exploration and discovery · Physical vs virtual · Representation/interpretation of virtual reality artefacts – as 3D spaces on screen or in a physical gallery · Museum visiting in virtual space · Representation of physical museum spaces in virtual worlds and their relationship to cultural definitions of museum spaces.
Please send a proposal of 500-750 words and a contributor’s bio by Friday April 27, 2007. Authors will be notified by Thursday May 31, 2007. Final drafts of papers are due by Monday October 1, 2007.
Please send your proposal to:
Tara Chittenden Room 201 Strategic Research Unit 113 Chancery Lane London WC2A 1PL
Or via email:

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