Newarke Houses close to re-opening

BBC NEWS England Leicestershire Revamped museum nears completion

You know, we ought to mount an Attic expedition to have a good look around when Newarke Houses re-opens. I think I went there once - a long time ago - when I was a distance-learning MA student, and I can remember that the displays were, to be frank, pretty outdated and past their best. Will be interesting to see the new improved versions.

Oh yeah, and another visitor saw a ghost during the visit. Spooky!


Ceri said…
Definitely up for a visit when possible!

Also Belgrave Hall for ghost hunting (as per our conversation at Anna's house)
Amy said…

£45!!! I think not - perhaps we could organise our own ghost watch. Stake out The Guildhall (also on Most Haunted - and way scary!!).

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