Seminar: 8th Cambridge Heritage Seminar

8th Cambridge Heritage Seminar
12 May 2007
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Contact name: Benjamin Morris

The 8th CHS focuses on the visual rhetoric of states and societies emerging from post-conflict and post-crisis situations, and the ways in which cultural heritage is appropriated in this process.

Organized by: University of Cambridge
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 22 February 2007
(Check the event website for latest details.)


Amy said…
I quite fancy going to this, if anyone else is interested...?
Ceri said…
It sounds really good but I will be in Manchester that day, :(

Still a review for the blog would be greatly appreciated!
Amy said…
Of course! Trains might be a bit problematic though - will see if I can work something out.

Actually, thinking about it, it might clash with Eurovision - eek! ;)

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