CFP: Rethinking Museums: An Interdisciplinary Academic Conference

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Rethinking Museums: An Interdisciplinary Academic Conference

University of Washington
Sponsored by the Museology Graduate Program and the Learning for Leadership Council

Dates: May 3-4, 2007
Location: Burke Room, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture; other venues to be announced.

Museums in the Seattle area are currently experiencing both rapid change and phenomenal growth. Nationally, museum attendance exceeds that of professional sporting events; museums are constantly being founded, remodeled, and restructured. What are the issues involved in the
explosive growth, increased professionalisation, and changing expectations of our cultural institutions? We invite undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty, and museum professionals to submit papers or workshop proposals related to museological topics. Potential topics include rapidly evolving technologies, increasingly diverse communities, attracting new audiences, and new demands in collections care, conservation, interpretation, and exhibition.

The museum field is inherently interdisciplinary. Possible areas of research may come from disciplines within the social sciences or humanities and include work from

* museology
* anthropology
* art history
* architecture
* urban planning
* American Indian studies
* international and cultural studies
* library and information science
* public affairs
* communications
* sociology
* history
* law
* education

We welcome a variety of perspectives on the present, past, and future of museums.


Submissions will be accepted until March 26, 2007. Please include your name, departmental or museum affiliation, email, paper title, and an abstract of 150-250 words. You may submit electronically on our web site (see below) or send a hard copy with the required information to:

Molly Dalessandro
University of Washington
Museology Graduate Program
Box 353010
Seattle, WA 98195

Papers will be published and distributed at the conference. A complete version of selected papers must be available by April 27, 2007 (Limit 20 pages).

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