Conference Alert: The Understanding Landscape Project

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The Understanding Landscape Project

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

This project consists of a series of events, including two symposia,innovative writing workshops, and an international academic conference,bringing together writers and scholars in disciplines across the arts and humanities.



Further information and registration forms available at the website.

Symposium 1

Writing Landscape

An Inter-disciplinary Symposium for Scholars in the Arts and Humanities

Monday, 19 March 2007, Stewart House, University College London

Keynote speakers: Dr. James Kneale (Geography, University College London), Dr. Ella Westland (English, University of Exeter)

This first symposium is the launch event for the project. This symposium will explore the relationship between landscape and creative writing, paying particular attention to the process of writing and reading. The symposium would appeal to scholars from a range of disciplines, including literary studies, geography, cultural studies,history, gender studies, creative writing and philosophy.

We seek to move beyond disciplinary boundaries and to reassess current theoretical and methodological issues. How does landscape inform identity and reshape textual practices, as literary constructions of landscape are disseminated, received, and loop back into the writing process? How can creative auto-ethnography be used as a tool for exploring the relationship between landscape and identity?

The symposium will be followed by a series of writers'workshops in which participants will be producing and reflecting on their own creative writing. The participants in these writers'workshops will be invited to participate in and discuss examples of their work at the second symposium.

Symposium 2

Written Landscape

An Inter-disciplinary Symposium for Scholars in the Arts and Humanities

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July 2007, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK.

This symposium follows on from the March 2007 event and the writers'workshops. Taking a methodological turn, this symposium focuses on the challenges of researching creative writing and the writers who produce it. This innovative two-day symposium seeks to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines with the workshop participants. On the first day, writers and academics will have the opportunity to explore in depth the processes and practices of creative writing about landscape and self using the creative writing produced in the workshops. There will also be a hands-on workshop in which we will explore the manuscripts, letters, notebooks and artefacts of several prominent writers from the Southwest. On the second day, a series of academic papers will explore the methodological issues that surround researching landscape, creative writing, and the self.


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