New Leicester Reader

Museum Management and Marketing
Editor(s) - Robert R Janes, Richard Sandell
Series: Leicester Readers in Museum Studies

List Price: £70.00
ISBN: 9780415396288
ISBN-10: 041539628X
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: 28/02/2007

Binding(s): Hardback | Paperback

Drawing together a selection of high quality, intellectually robust and stimulating articles on both theoretical and practice-based developments in the field, this Reader investigates the closely linked areas of management and marketing in the museum.

The articles, from established and world-renowned contributors, practitioners and writers at the leading edge of their fields, deal with the museum context of management and how marketing and management practices must take account of the specifics of the museum and the not-for-profit ethos.

Key writings from broader literature are included, and the collection of key writings on the investigation and study of management and marketing in the museum are of great benefit not only to those studying the subject, but also to professionals working and developing within the field.


Ceri said…
Wow these books are expensive aren't they? Glad we have the library :)
Amy said…
It's also available in paperback for £27.50 - much more affordable.

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