Museum: The Soundtrack

Further to recent discussions about the merits of music in the gallery space (see here and here), and borrowing heavily from The Guardian's Readers Recommend feature, what would be your ideal soundtrack to a museum visit? I have visions of creating an Attic iPod playlist!


Amy said…
Okay - in betweening viewing tonight's lunar eclipse and trying to work on my seminar paper, I've done a bit of 'googling' and come up with the following songs that feature 'museums' in their titles or lyrics. The vast majority I have never heard, so cannot vouch for their suitability for inclusion on an iPod museum visiting playlist - it would certainly be eclectic. The first - which I came up with myself - I can recommend. ;)

'Muscle Museum', by Muse

'You're the Top', Cole Porter
Features the lines:

"You're the top! You're the Collesseum,
You're the top! You're the Louvre Museum"

'Museum of Idiots', by They Might be Giants

'Museum', recorded by both Herman's Hermits and Donovan.
Features the line:

"Meet me under the whale,
In the Natural History Museum"

'The Strange Museum', by Paul Weller, featuring the line:

"Come on in, admission's free"

- that's what we like to hear Mr Weller. ;)

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