The Attic Stats

This might be of interest to those of you who like getting your teeth into facts and figures.

Last week The Attic received 466 visitors and, on average, we get 67 hits per day. According to Technorati, we are linked to by 16 other blogs (to see which they are, click on the link at the very bottom of the page) and are - as of today - ranked (in terms of traffic) within the top 250,000 of registered blogs.

43% of our visitors are from Europe, closely followed by North America (40%). Asia makes up 9% of traffic, with Africa and unknown locales making up 3% of visitors each. 2% hail from Oceania.

The majority of our visitors (38%) come from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom with 29%. India and visitors from 'unknown' countries make up 3% each, with Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Malaysia and Norway attracting 2% respectively. 1% of visitors come from Turkey, Ukraine, Belgium, Taiwan, Germany, Denmark, Iran, France, Nigeria, Sweden, Hungary, Pakistan and South Africa, with the remaining 2% of visitors logging on from 'miscellaneous' countries. Phew - we really have gone international!

This is all very exciting! It feels like The Attic is building momentum, and with contributions from research students outside the Department of Museum Studies at Leicester, we're really starting to make some headway with our mission to make The Attic an important resource for, and a virtual community of, museum studies researchers. Many thanks to everyone who contributes and reads The Attic regularly. Please be assured that your support and input is gratefully received and highly valued. :)

So, if you are one of our growing band of regular readers, why not let us know a little bit about yourselves (no obligation and you can, of course, remain anonymous if you wish)? Tell us:
  • where you're from;
  • how you found The Attic;
  • what you're researching (if you're a student/researcher); and finally
  • any comments you have about how we could make The Attic even better!

Just click the 'comments' link at the bottom of this post, or - if you would prefer - send us an email.


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