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Friday, February 16, 2007

Gearing up for Museums and Galleries Month 2007

Plans for this year’s Museums and Galleries Month, supported by Renaissance, are now under way. Promising to be the biggest ever celebration of its kind, the programme planned for May features a wide range of activities in museums, galleries and heritage attractions. Some key events are:

The ‘Welcome Weekend’ coincides with the May Bank Holiday weekend, 4 – 7 May
European ‘Night of the Museum’- Nuit des Musees - on Saturday 19 May has really caught museums’ imaginations this year with torch lit tours, late night music and even a “cultural tapas”

MGM debates will take place at the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and National Museum Liverpool

Family history workshops are being held in association with the Archive Awareness Campaign, exploring personal and regional heritage

Online initiatives with the 24 Hour Museum and VisitBritain and a programme of arts activities are still to be announced

Events will relate to this year’s theme: ‘People : Who are we’, exploring the relationship between museums and identity

For more information contact Ylva French at the Campaign for Museums on 020 7233 9796 or log onto: for the latest information


Amy (aka 'Attic') said...

We should really aim to arrange some sort of Attic/PhD student community event for Museums Week - any ideas?

Ceri said...

Maybe a visit to one of the events happening in the local area? We could also review it for the blog at the same time! (Maybe too much like hard work?)

After going to watch 'Night at the Museum' I am dying to spend a night at a real museum to see if everything really does come to life. So we need to find a museum with an ancient Egyptian gold tablet with magical powers... ha well maybe that is all in my imagination but I will certainly keep an eye open...

And if all elese fails how about a fancy dress party where people come as their favourite museum? Apologies to Mayra and her idea for fancy dress as a museum object.

Amy (aka 'Attic') said...

Good ideas (I'll add those to the agenda for the next student meeting!).

Though I'm afraid you're on your own with the idea about spending the night in a museum. I don't even like walking past New Walk Museum after dark - it's the strange blue glow emanating from the Dinosaur gallery that gets me. :S