In the vein of silliness or light relief (following on from Amy's / Captain's post below) this is how not to advertise a museum, check out the kid's pages in particular...


Good grief!

It would help if they could spell 'museum' too!

I think we ought to pay them a visit. Super-museologists to the rescue!
Ceri said…
I am trying to stifle a giggle because a couple of years ago there was a similar comment on one of the list-servs - someone complained about the spelling and it was revealed to be a fraud. However I would have thought it would be the Devil as the mascot for kiddies which would have given it away :)
Yeah, yeah, yeah - I'm feeling well stupid! Thing is I really have been to the sort of museums this is satirising. Usually the sort of museums that won't employ you cos they suspect Leicester graduates are a bit 'radical'. ;)

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