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I finally got around to watching the two and a half (or whatever) hours of the Memory and Universality webcast. To be honest, I didn't take a lot of it in - I was trying to do other stuff at the same time - but it did remind me how great these new technologies are and how a thing like the Internet has revolutionised the research process. I cannot even begin to imagine how I would write my thesis without it.

Here's the link to a conference held in March 2003, 'Collecting Now', which including video recordings of each of the papers presented. It's fantastic. I didn't attend the conference, I didn't even know anything about it at the time. But this record allows me to access the information presented there four years on, crucially in my own time, without any financial expense, as and when I need it.

And in this era of renewed awareness of environmental issues, imagine how creative developments like this could revolutionise how we access conferences. We need more of this sort of thing!

Has anybody got anymore examples they'd like to share? Perhaps we could build up a 'database' of online webcasts? Would the 'digital heritage' people in the Department care to comment?


Kostas said…
Hi Amy. Great idea! I don't know of any other conference webcasts, but this is definitely something I will keep my open eyes for.

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