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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Richard Sandell does a podcast for DEMOS!

Demos, The Thinktank for everyday democracy, are doing a series of podcasts, one of the first starring Richard Sandell talking about his new book Museums, Prejudice and the Reframing of distance.

"Dr. Richard Sandell is Deputy Head of the Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. He has just published a book called'Museums, Prejudice and the Reframing of Difference' (Routledge). While trust in our neighbours, the police and political parties declines, museums and galleries enjoy high levels of trust and respect from the public - as Richard says in this cast, they are perceived to “tell it like it is”. In this light, Richard looks at the capacity to of museums to change the way we perceive other cultures, minorities and interest groups, and the legitimacy of cultural institutions to actively shape those perceptions."

You can listen to the podcast by following the link below to the Demos website:

Demos are actively looking for future contributors so here are the details if you think you have something interesting to offer...

"About to publish a book? Written a ground breaking thesis? Do you have a box-fresh idea, ready to change the world? Maybe you'd like to discuss it in a Demos podcast. If so, send a brief description of what you'd like to talk about to"

Also if you have not before take the time to have a look through the Demos publications, most of them are available to read and download for free. They are often thought-provoking and offer a fresh analysis of the cultural sector as well as other relevant contemporary issues. There is a list of their publications here:

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