International Seminar: A New Museum: a performing tool for social cohesion and local development

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International Seminar

A New Museum: a performing tool for social cohesion and local development
Val-de-Marne, France
12–13 March 2007

organized by
INTA – International Urban Development Association
Planning Institute of Paris, University of Paris XII

How do cities use cultural dynamics for local development? The various
notions of culture - as social marker, aesthetic and marketing tool - are
reshaping urban places and conflicts over revitalisation. In recent decades,
territories that lost their traditional industrial or service activities
under the impact of economic and social transformations have been
marshalling their cultural facilities to explore new paths of development
and thereby affirm their determination to sustain their growth.
Well-documented cases like Bilbao, Newcastle, Sheffield, Grand Hornu,
Philadelphia come to mind.

INTA and its partners, after the successful conference in November 2005 at
the occasion of the opening of a new Modern Art Museum in the periphery of
Paris, are calling an international seminar to pursue the debate on the
social, economic and spatial impacts of these cultural facilities on their

Investigating the impact of cultural facilities on its environment implies
the recognition that there is indeed a contribution of those facilities to
territorial development strategies. However, the question may be asked what
type of development strategies cultural facilities will affect? Beyond its
cultural function, can we assume that cultural facilities contribute to the
general development of a territory, in terms of economic growth, territorial
identity and social cohesion? If they do so, to what extent and in what way
do they contribute? Which methods of analysis to apply for measuring the
impacts? How can these findings assist in the evaluation of the performance
and effectiveness of local public policies and their impact on their

There are but few of the questions the March 2007 seminar will raise.


Monday 12 March 2007

09h00 Registration

09h30 – 13h00 How does a museum contribute to its territorial
attractiveness? How should a museum be managed in order to promote its
social accessibility and economic impact on its environment?

Debate animated by Joe Montgomery, President of INTA
• Paivi Kiiski-Finel, Museum of Art, Turku, Finland
• Mateja Kos, Head of Applied Arts Department, National Museum of Slovenia
• Nick Hunt, Director Mid Pennine Art, Lancashire, UK
• Ruxandra Balaci, Artistic Director, The National Museum of Contemporary
Art, Bucharest, Romania
• Adela Zeleznik, Curator Moderna Galeria, Ljubljana, Slovenia
• Jean Hurstel, President, Banlieues d'Europe, Strasbourg, France
• Anne Gosse, Director of Culture, Sheffield City Council, UK

14h00 – 17h00 What is the impact of museums on urban regeneration dynamics?
How much can a museum use its popular support for other social dynamics at
local/regional level? How can museums contribute to the change of image and
stigmatization of peripheral areas?

Debate animated by Dan Sequerra, Chair, Cultural Industries Quarter Agency,
• Marc Terrisse, Laboratoire Lhamans, Université́ du Maine, Le Mans, France
• Jérôme André́, Le Grand Hornu, Belgium
• Victoria Gonzales Buitrago, Municipality of Valencia, Spain
• Kepa Korta Murua, Director of the Strategic Plan of Donostia - San
Sebastian, Spain
• Helen Chimirri-Russel, Research Co-ordinator, Culture North East,
Newcastle, UK
• Claudio Bocci, Head of Federculture Cultural Office, Federculture, Italy

17h00 Conclusions of the day

Tuesday 13 March 2007

09h30 – 13h00 Analyzing and measuring the impact of Museums on their
territory. How to define the criteria to create an evaluation grid that will
allow policy makers at local and regional levels to measure the performance
and effectiveness of public policies and the impact of these policies on the
social environment?

Debate animated by Georges Knaebel, Director of Planning Institute of Paris
• Alexia Fabre, Director MAC/VAL, Val-de-Marne, France
• Ana Duarte, Director of Municipal Museums of Setubal, Portugal
• Astrida Rogule: "New Three Brothers", Ministry of Culture, Riga, Latvia
• Frédéric Jambu, Directeur, A.D.C.E.I., France
• Jean-François Legrand, directeur du projet "politique des publics et
médiation" Louvre-Lens, France
• Yann Nicolas, Economist, DEPS, Ministry of Culture and Communication,

14h00 – 17h00 Discussion on a European project on the impact of cultural
public policies on local development.
Debate animated by Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General of INTA

17h Closure and conclusions

Martijn Onderstal
Project Coordinator
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