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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CFP: The Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

From H-Material Culture

The Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change (JTCC) now into its fourth successful year continues to welcome submissions on all aspects of the tourism—culture(s) relationships including papers which deal with the following areas:

* Tourism and Spatial Relations (landscape, borders, peripherality,sense of place etc);

* The Shaping of Identities through Travel (narrative histories/heritage, displacement, exclusion, dependency, hybridity);

* Material Culture and Tourism Practice (souvenirs, art and crafts, design and architecture, museums);

* Tangible and Intangible Heritage (heritage policy, World Heritage Sites, folk cultures, festivals, custom and ritual);

* Cultural Politics (diasporic tourism, gender roles, post-colonial legacies);

* Travel/Tourism and Tourist Histories (collective memory, travel writings, oral histories);

* Tourist Behaviour and Experiences (aesthetic production/consumption, embodiment, performance, linguistics, translation).

All papers are peer reviewed by a minimum of two experts

Articles may be submitted electronically. Text should be saved in the author's normal word processor format (please give the name of the program used). Any Figures or Tables should be saved in separate files from the rest of the text.

Electronic submissions should be sent by e-mail attachment to: , with the covering
message clearly stating the name of the journal concerned, on CD-ROM, or on disc (IBM-PC compatible or high-density AppleMac) to:

The Editor, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, c/o Channel View
Publications, Frankfurt Lodge, Clevedon Hall, Victoria Road, Clevedon BS21
7HH, England.

For further information, guidelines and library / institutional subscriptions please visit:

Editors: Prof. Mike Robinson (Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds
Metropolitan University)

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