Films about or with museums

There was an idea floating around to watch some films that were about museums or had museums in them as a central part of the action. It might be helpful to extend this to archaeology as well! Anyway I am trying to put together an informal list so if anyone has any ideas or favourites please list them here! If you want to put a review as well that could be helpful. Ones I can think from the top of my head include:

The Da Vinci Code - one word review = abysmal
Night at the Museum
Indiana Jones trilogy
The Mummy Parts 1 & 2

Of course there is Friends with Ross working in the museum as well so maybe we need to extend it to TV as well as film?


Ta da!
Mary said…
But I can't believe the list doesn't include 'One of our dinosaurs is missing'!
Ceri said…
Well Mary my knowledge of museum related films is admittedly small :( however... it was even harder trying to find a joke about a museum! I am still looking...
Ah! Yes! Thanks Mary - that was hovering in the back of my mind, but I just couldn't think what it was called!

Of course there's also The Mask of Fu Manchu - the 1932 version with Boris Karloff in the lead role - which features museums and archaeologists.

Dreadfully un-PC, hideously racist (there's a scene which perfectly encapsulates the 'Yellow Peril'; the contemporary fear, whipped up by populist politicians and the tabloid press, that hoards of 'orientals' were on the cusp of destroying western civilisation (hmmm- sounds familiar) - where Fu's daughter addresses an audience of racially stereotyped Chinese, Indians and Arabs, and outlines her father's plans for world domination).

I have to confess I watched it over Christmas when they showed it on TCM - my defence? It was research!
Actually, it seems, museums feature in most Fu Manchu films.
Oh and my friend Daniel reckons there's an old black & white film called The Titchfield Thunderbolt, in which a bunch of villagers steal a steam engine from a museum when the last train on their local line breaks down.
Kouros said…
who can give me a copy of Night in the Museum?
I like to watch it at home;-)
Kouros said…
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Kouros said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's only just come out in cinemas Kouros. I think you'll have to wait at least six months for it to be released on DVD...unless you can get hold of a pirated copy (not that I'm condoning that sort of thing - obviously).
Anonymous said…
I went to see a short French film from the sixties at the NFT last week, called La Jetee. Told almost entirely in still photographs it investigated the idea of memory through a science fiction narrative about Paris after World War Three. A museum featured heavily in one important segment. It really was a very interesting film and id recommend it over Night at the Museum or some other blockbuster anyday. Also, Anjelica Huston plays an archaeologist in The Royal Tenenbaums.

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