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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Building Content, Building Community: Museum Computer Network

I couldn't see this in the list so here is another one!


Building Content, Building Community:
40 Years of Museum Information and Technology
November 7-10, 2007
Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza
Chicago, Illinois
Proposals accepted February 5 - March 2, 2007
Call for Proposals and submissions form are now online; please see:

This year in Chicago, MCN will revive the cross-disciplinary vision of 40 years ago and explore its promise in the present day, encouraging participation from institutions across the museum spectrum. How we are the same? How are we different? How have we dealt, successfully and unsuccessfully, with the overlapping efforts in documentation, professionalism, and use of technology across the museum community? What are we doing right and what do we need to do better?
Back-story for 2007: In 1967 a group of museum professionals in New York held their first meeting to discuss the use of computers in museum settings. This meeting was the genesis of what would become the Museum Computer Network. Art, archaeology, science, and historical museums, as well as members of the computer industry (especially IBM), all participated in those early meetings. As the museum field has grown and expanded in the past half-century, we have become more and more specialized, learning primarily from those whose experiences most closely mirror our own--art with art, science with science, etc. This conference will reaffirm and revitalize our broader connections across these types of institutions.
The MCN Annual Conference 2007 seeks innovative sessions (panels, papers, posters, and workshops) that reflect on 40 years of museum information and technology practice in all types of museums that define our current state, and look forward to the next decade and beyond.
Prospective presenters are invited to submit proposals in any of the following areas, as well as on other topics:
- Opportunities for New Professionals
- Leadership, Sustainability, Accountability
- Building Content, Building Communities (online museums as social spaces)
- Superior Content, Superior Delivery
- Digital Readiness, Digital Accomplishments, Digital Accountability (DAMS, Best Practices, Preservation, Access)
- Museum Information Standards
- Digital Convergence: Archives, Libraries, and Museums
- Copyright Issues in the New Millennium
Innovative formats and audience interaction are highly desirable and will be important factors in the 2007 selection process.
Online proposal submissions will be accepted February 5 - March 2, 2007 Please see

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