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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Symposia Series: Exhibition Practices : Stakes & Perspectives

From H-Museum:

Exhibition Practices : Stakes & Perspectives
Symposium at the Museum of Fine Arts (Auditorium)
8 March 2007
22 March 2007

In 2007, la criée center for contemporary art will initiate a series of
symposia on exhibition practices in contemporary art. It is our hope that
this first edition will be the beginning of a series rich in the exchange of
experiences and curatorial perspectives. The series of symposia on
exhibition practices has emerged from la criée’s project for residencies and
exhibitions initiated in 2005 in the European cities of the Atlantic Arc.
This European project has provided opportunities for productive encounters
and collaborations between visiting artists, curators, directors,
international art critics and artistic directors.

The discovery of very different ways of working from one context to another,
exchanges around production and exhibition projects, encounters, often
unexpected, with art theoreticians and practitioners all contributed to our
desire to prolong and deepen this reflection, to make these exchanges public
and maintain the connections established.

Each symposium will bring together international professionals; these
artists, curators, art historians and theoreticians will be invited because
they analyze and renew exhibition practices in the field of contemporary

The complementary nature of artistic creation, curatorial practice,
historical research, critical thought and theorization will enrich the
debate and enable the exchange of experiences and the sharing of projects,
thereby contributing to the quality of scholarship and prospective thought.

The goal of the 2007 symposium is to share different experiences and
perspectives on the way artists and curators work with the history and
current status of the exhibition, and how they take charge of, circumscribe
or undermine existing exhibition formats.

How do they propose new ways of working with the artist, giving priority to
directions within the work or to production rather than to the exhibition
or, on the contrary, extending the exhibition model according to specific
conditions of exchange, work and visibility? How can we "produce",
"control", or "free ourselves from" images in exhibitions in the age of

With (subject to modifications):

Thursday 8 March 2007
Chus Martinez, Director of Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany.
Joanna Mytkowska, curator at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.
Raphaële Jeune, Artistic director of the first contemporary art biennial in
Rennes, France.
Alexandre Perigot, Artist.

Thursday 22 March 2007
John Welchman, Professor of Art History in the Visual Arts Department at the
University of California, San Diego, USA.
Hou Hanru, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs and Chair of the
Exhibition and Museum Studies program at the San Francisco Art Institute,
Manuel Olveira Paz, Artist and Director of Centro Galego de Arte
Contemporanea, Spain.

Further information (participants, program, etc.) :

Joining the symposium : email at

The symposium 2007 has received exceptional support from CULTURESFRANCE
within the framework of an agreement with the City of Rennes.

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