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Thursday, February 01, 2007


From H-Museum:

Call for Papers

University of Naples 'L'Orientale' (Italy)
12-15 September 2007

Panel on Southeast Asian collections in European Museums

The panel will provide an opportunity for colleagues working in or with
museums in Europe to share knowledge and interpretations of Southeast Asian
collections at the museums concerned. Following on from work undertaken in
the Netherlands on the history of Indonesian collections (Schefold and
Vermeulen 2002), the panel invites scholars and museum curators to consider
the ways in which Southeast Asian collections, whether containing
manuscripts, art or ethnography, have developed in European museums, and
what this reveals both about the nature of the relationships between Europe
and Asia and about the ways in which those relationships have been perceived
over the lifetimes of the museums in question. To what extent was the nature
of the collection influenced by key individuals or institutional factors
(Shelton 2001a )? What insights do the changing collections offer about the
views of self and other of those involved (Shelton 2001b)? Contributions are
welcomed from those wishing to consider these themes in relation to either a
collector, a collection or a museum, to one or more parts of Southeast Asia
or to the region as a whole. It is hoped that the resulting papers will
serve as a resource for those wishing to study the material culture of
Southeast Asia using European collections.

Schefold, R. & Vermeulen, Han F. (eds.) 2002. Treasure Hunting? Collectors
and Collections of Indonesian Artefacts. Leiden: Rijksmuseum voor

Shelton, A. (ed) 2001a. Collectors: Individuals and Institutions. London:
Horniman Museum.

Shelton, A. (ed) 2001b. Collectors: Expressions of Self and Other. London:
Horniman Museum.

Paper proposals should be sent by 1st March 2007 to:

Dr Fiona Kerlogue
Anthropology Department
Horniman Museum
100 London Road
Forest Hill
London SE23 3PQ

Tel: +44 (0)208 699 1872 ext 114

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